transforming business through love: Become a successful (Virtual) Business Yoga Teacher

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Are you a -Kundalini- yoga teacher seeking to heal from the wounds of the corporate world while empowering yourself to bring love, relaxation, truth, and peace into these environments, ultimately making more conscious decisions?

I've crafted a comprehensive roadmap consciously designed to accompany you through every phase of your journey as a Business Yoga Teacher. Together, we'll infuse the essence of yoga into professional settings, fostering positive transformation from within.

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discover the Business Yoga Teacher Training program

Over the course of our training, you will delve deep into the heart of Kundalini Yoga philosophy and its practical application in professional environments. Guided by Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, you'll explore specialized yoga techniques tailored for the corporate setting, mastering strategies to promote stress reduction, mindfulness, and well-being among employees.

This training changed my understanding of Business.  I saw people in business, ordinary people with their hopes, pain and needs. How they hide and adapt.
I saw love where I had never seen it before. In a business environment.
All this is thanks to our teacher Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa.  

a holistic approach to business yoga

Our training program is more than just a series of yoga classes – it's a holistic journey of personal and professional growth. From cultivating a mindset of abundance and conscious leadership to navigating ego awareness and mastering the art of client enrollment, each aspect of our curriculum is designed to empower you to embody the principles of Business Yoga with confidence, grace, and authenticity.

🌟With Business Yoga, I got a lot of ideas, transformations, to take steps where I haven’t been yet - for example, register a YouTube channel, figure it out and post a video practice with the group there.

💎🌟And thanks to Business Yoga at 19:00 today I am launching a three-month online course for my new online group.

the roadmap to success

This roadmap is not just about learning yoga techniques; it's about preparing yourself holistically – mentally, spiritually, and practically so you can be the yogi at work.

The Business Yoga Teacher Training has not only boosted my confidence but also instilled in me a newfound determination to overcome obstacles. It has completely shifted my perspective on business, empowering me to infuse love and mindfulness into corporate environments. This training is truly remarkable—practical yet profoundly transformative.

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Choose the tier that best fits your preferences and aspirations, and join us on a transformative journey to become a certified Business Yoga Teacher. Together, let's infuse the corporate world with love, relaxation, truth, and peace!

  • self study online program

    Embark on a self-paced journey of growth with our Self-Study Online Program, guiding you to become a certified Business Yoga Teacher.


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     Attent 10 Monthly Q&A Sessions

     Attent 10 Monthly Q&A Sessions

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  • group coaching online program

    Elevate your learning experience with our Group Coaching Program, where you'll receive all the benefits of the Self-Study Online Program plus


    Access to community

    All recorded classes

    Weekly live online groupcoaching with Sat Kirtan

    Life time access to all the current and new material

     Finish the course in 10 weeks

     Min 9, max 18 students per group

     Next group starting Sept 16th 2024

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    Experience personalized attention and tailored guidance with our VIP 1-on-1 Program, offering all the features of the Self-Study Online Program plus


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     1-on-1 Coaching after each completed lesson

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About Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, Author of "Bye Bye Stress," brings a unique blend of experience and wisdom to the realm of Business Yoga Teacher Training. With a background in the corporate environment, I intimately understand the pressures and challenges faced by professionals in today's fast-paced world. Having experienced burnout firsthand not once, but twice, I embarked on a journey of self-healing and transformation, finding solace and empowerment through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga.

My personal journey of integrating Kundalini Yoga into my daily life and work not only healed me but also empowered me to guide countless others on their path to wellness and resilience. Drawing from my own experiences, I crafted a comprehensive training program aimed at empowering yoga teachers to bring love, relaxation, truth, and peace into corporate environments through the transformative power of Business Yoga.

Join me as we embark on a transformative journey to become certified Business Yoga Teachers, unlocking your potential and that of others. Together, let's cultivate holistic well-being and make a meaningful impact in the corporate world, one breath at a time. 

Sat Kirtan's classes fill me with self-confidence, love, light, energy, calmness, strength and expansion. She creates such a warm and save space, it's very easy to open up and I leave them with the confidence that everything will work out.

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