Start Living From Your To BE To BE List To Transform Into A Successfull Happy BEing And Create A BEautiful World


don't you feel the true inspiration to start doing the tasks or are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on it and not sure where to start....



Let me share my story. TO DO lists have never really worked for me. YES, I made them, I tried all different versions, on paper, digital, with or without alarms, with or without accountability partners. 

And during a meditation the idea came to me that the problem to my TO DO was, that it wasn't aligned with my TO BE. I realized that I first needed to have my TO BE list ready and clear. From there my TO DO's would flow and I'd do them. 

And this is true, I made the list and did the things I added to that list, as I knew that it would bring me closer to my TO BE. It didn't feel like work, there was no more limitation, there was an enormous flow of energy. 

That's why I created this course. 

I believe that once we live from our TO BE, we'll create a BEautiful world, of conscious BEings, living up to their potential, living their SAT NAM, which means, living their TRUTH.   

It is my deepest wish that this course will help you take the concrete steps to create your TO BE and also removes the blocks to start livinng your TO BE. Do the actions which are so logical coming from your TO BE. 

I learned in my yoga training that these times, we're moving from an era TO BE OR NOT TO BE into an era of 'TO BE TO BE'.

Being aware of that I made my own I'd LOVE TO BE list. And it is amazing how many changes that has brought to my life.

I´ve been going through major shifts, just because I started to work and live from my 'I LOVE TO BE' list...

This is on the top of my TO BE TO BE list:

• I LOVE TO BE honest, to myself and the people around me.

• I LOVE TO BE resourcefull and able to give to myself and the ones in need.

• I LOVE TO BE in loving conscious relationships, with myself, my kids and the world around me.

• I LOVE TO BE a source of light and inspiration, for myself and others.

• I LOVE TO BE a musician and chant mantra's for peace, transformation and love. 

Especially the last one is really challenging for me, it's what my spiritual name, Sat Kirtan means, bringing the truth singing… I'm working on it and having fun.

By being aware of your 'I LOVE TO BE' list, you're TO DO's will flow naturally and you'll be able to act upon them. It's done from a total different source of inspiration, another intention and it won't feel like your normal TO DO's. It won't feel like work, as it is alligned with who you LOVE TO BE.

I'm so happy you signed up for the Course on ´Start Living From Your To BE To BE List To Transform Into A Successfull Happy BEing And Create A BEautiful World.

In this 3 day course you'll do quiet some soul work, finding out what you're purpose in life is, clearing the past, so imagined disabillities won't bother you any longer and you'll free TO BE TO BE. 

I'm super excited about putting my learnings and tools into a course for you, as I want to make it work for you. I believe if we all would life from our TO BE, we'd live in the most beautiful world. 

We'd serve each other, uplift each other and really share our gifts. 

Sounds amazing right?

Let's get started! 

Download the workbook of DAY 1 and do the exercises on it. You can share your outcomings on the message board. 

Good luck and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to sent me an email:

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

3 Lessons

3 Lessons in Start Living From Your To BE To BE List To Transform Into A Successfull Happy BEing And Create A BEautiful World:

Day 1: Finding your purpose

Finding Your Purpose In Life

Day 2: Letting Go Of The Past

Clean Your Past, So You Can Shine And Be

Day 3: Living Your To BE

Without the blocks of the past, you're free to live your To BE.