How To Bring Kundalini Yoga Within The Business World Watch Preview

Sat nam! 

Welcome, super you are about to join this free online mini training in which you learn the basics you need to start sharing your love for Kundalini Yoga within a Business Environment. 

In this free and online 3 day training you'll learn: 

- what NineMinMax Business Yoga is and what it is that makes it so suitable for the business. 

- how to start teaching 

- the mindset you need to do it. 

I really hope you decide to join this free training as it will inspire you to start teaching Kundalini Yoga within your own work or you start offering it to companies, as these times the mental clarity, the courage, the strength the practice gives, is a really needed.

This free training is open to all. 

To join the full training though, you need to be a Kundalini Yoga level 1, 2 or 3 teacher, as in this training you will use this experience and apply it to teaching in a business environment. All information about the training is here:

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

PS: There is always room to improve. and yes, I'm aware that the subtitles are not always the same as what I speak, hope you're able to look through that and be inspired to join the free training. 

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3 Lessons in How To Bring Kundalini Yoga Within The Business World:

Lesson 1: What is NineMinMax Business Yoga

In this class you'll learn what is it you'll bring by teaching kundalini yoga within a Business Environment

Lesson 2: How Can I Bring Kundalini Yoga Into The Business World

In this class you'll learn the Important Key To Bring Kundalini Yoga into The Business Environment

Lesson 3: How YOU Are Going To Bring Kundalini Yoga Within A Business Environment

Learn the key element for you to become successfull